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Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi


3 Hours, 2 Activities, Wild Snacks

3 Hours

Join us in the beautiful forest garden and start to unwind

Through guided nature connection and bush craft. 

2  Main Activities

Finish with time together around the fire.

Leave Refreshed, Relaxed & Motivated.


Wild Snacks and Refreshments


Choose 2 activities from

Image by Casey Horner

Forest/Meadow Bathing

Forest bathing or meadow bathing is deeply relaxing for your mind, body and soul. Thought patterns and body rhythms slow down as you bring your attention to the present moment and the natural beauty around you. Participants often remark that it reminds them of being a child as it taps into that inquisitive sense of wonder and awe.



Learn how to create a simple shape or gift such as a butter knife, beaded necklace or bow and arrow to take home. It is relaxing, meditative and satisfying - the repetitive action focuses the mind and slows thought patterns. People often report losing track of time while they're whittling as they concentrate on what they're doing and absorb the sights, sounds and smells of the woodland around them.


Fire Making

Learn the ancient art of fire making from natural materials. Making fire with only natural materials can be challenging, fun and exhilarating. A seemingly simple process, it needs attention and patience. Succeeding brings a great deal of satisfaction and sense of achievement.

Hands holding a crop of blueberries_edit


Learn how to forage for wild food and identify some of our local wild plants - which ones to avoid and which ones to enjoy! Wild plants are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and flavour. They can be used to make healing remedies, soothing balms, tasty snacks, teas, tinctures and much more.

Team Hugging

Game Playing

Game playing isn't just for kids! As adults we could be accused of forgetting how to have fun sometimes and playing physical games offers a range of benefits including physical activity, bringing your awareness into your body-therefore relaxing the mind, shaking up established hierarchies in a group, bringing laughter, sharing an exciting experience together, bringing joy and letting the stress fall away, problem solving, encouraging fresh perspectives and more!


Natural Crafts

Learn how to create unique crafted items using the abundant materials in the woodland around us. There are many different crafts we can offer from making herbal balms and ointments to making string from nettles to making your own paints and many more. We can help you choose an activity for your group.

*Minimum fee £500, maximum number of participants 15.

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