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Women's Wellness Day

In association with Brighton Permaculture Trust, Stanmer Organics, Stanmer Park.
Sat 25th May 2024, 1-5pm.
Sat 29th June 2024, 1-5pm.
Sat 27th July 2024, 1-5pm.

Women's Wellness Day

Women have been coming together in circle for thousands of years to support and empower each other. The power of our collective energy is amazing and empowering.

The monthly wellness days can be a one off event however we will be building on the content of the circle throughout the year. We are creating a unique and shared experience exploring nature, experiencing her delights & wonders. Guided in a gentle and considerate way to nourish yourself, we use mindful invitations to connect with nature through a welcome Cacao circle, mellow movement, meditative arts & crafts and other nurturing activities. The women’s circles take place in the depths of the Stanmer woods. Calling in the elements we celebrate and harness the woodland energy with meditation & visualisation, releasing what we no longer need through fire ritual, manifesting our desires and sharing with other women in a supportive and nurturing circle. This is a sacred space to tell our stories, laugh, cry, and ‘be’ with each other, held in a confidential and safe environment. Then we will cook together and eat around the fire, drink tea and have a good old natter!

The women’s circles take place in the depths of the Stanmer woods.

All you to bring is yourself as you are (And maybe a journal if you want to jot anything down.) wear the appropriate clothing, your favourite snacks and some water.

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